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My new record, Phantom Power Trip!


OK. It’s here! My new record, “Phantom Power Trip.”  You can investigate things further at my website

For those of you interested in the recording of this record, the bass and drums (along with my ‘guide’ vocals and guitar) were recorded by Marc Fuller at Edie Road Studio, in Argyle, New York. Peter Maine played drums and Todd Havalind played bass. Those sessions were a blast! Marc, Peter and Todd are really professional and a lot of fun to work with.

After those sessions finished, I took the tracks to my home studio. I then replaced my ‘guide’ vocals and guitar parts. I used my Gibson J-45 for most of the acoustic guitar tracks and switched between Fender Telecasters, Stratocasters and Mustangs and my Gibson Les Paul for all the electric guitar parts. All of the electric guitar parts were tracked using either a Vox AC30 or an old (1966 or 1968) Vox Cambridge Reverb tube amp. I used a Shure SM57 microphone and a Mojave Audio MA-201 microphone for the electric guitars. The MoJave mic served me well on acoustic guitars and vocals as well.

Then I mixed everything at home. It was a fun process. I really enjoy recording and always learn something new along the way. Some songs ended up only having a couple of alternate mixes and others ended up with many, many more. One song had, not kidding, 80 different mixes. Hey, it happens… Once the mixes were done, the recording was mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music. Jamal did a wonderful job! I highly recommend Jamal and West West Side music if you’re in need of mastering.

Thanks for reading!